Main Products

Alba Grade

C5 Special Grade

C5 Grade

This the thinnest cinnamon grade in the cinnamon bark family. Also this grade is the most expensive among the host of grades. The C5 Special grade second to the Alba category on the thickness and the price. The C5 grade also carries lower thickness comparing other grades and carries a greater demand.

C4 Grade

M4 Grade

M5 Grade

This grade is also fall under the fine cinnamon category, carries yellow in color. The M4 grade is also fall under fine cinnamon category which carries similar kind of properties of M5 grade. This grade carries brown color and rough surface comparing to other category.

H1 Grade

H2 Grade

H2 Faq

This grade is in most popular category among the customers and comprises of most expensive part of the rough cinnamon. This grade falls under the Ham category which carries bulk portion of the bark in good quality. This grade comprises the hard portion of the cinnamon grade H2.

Cut Cinnamon

Cinnamon Quillings No-01

Cinnamon Quillings No-02

The cut cinnamon in any grade is packed in either in one kg or 500grms polythene cover as per the requirement of the customer. This comprises of quite larger parts of cinnamon quillings, collected in the process of processing of bale cinnamon or cut cinnamon production. This comprises of small particles of cinnamon which are collected in either production of bale cinnamon of cut cinnamon.

Cinnamon Powder

This is the powder form of cinnamon which could be grinded out by the machine. The size of the particles is decided on the request made by the customer.
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